25 Dec

Bae Bosses | Nadia Introduction

Hmm, where to begin?

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 16 years old. Now I’m not bragging, just reflecting on how far I’ve come in the 8 years since I started living for myself and working for myself.

“If you push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking risk, really amazing things can happen.”
Marissa Mayer

Being my own boss hasn’t been a walk in the park, but it’s been extremely rewarding. But the most significant benefit of being my own boss is the FREEDOM that comes with. The freedom to be in charge of your life is something that every person strives for but not all achieve.

The journey to get that freedom has been full of ups and downs. It all started in high school when my friends were starting their first jobs, and I was adamant, even then, about not working for anyone but myself. So I gathered my courage and started my first company. It was soo hard! And I had nobody to help me!
This led to my next business venture with my two business partners, Modern Consulting 360, a marketing and consulting firm that focuses on helping businesses grow and improve through marketing and process optimization.

However, there was still something missing. Kate and I began discussing the issues we face as women in the professional world, even as owners of our own companies. I can’t tell you how many times my business partners, both military vets, have been asked about the business and people assume they are owners right away, when the same people will talk to me, he/she will automatically assume I’m an employee.
Even subtle things like assumptions confine female entrepreneurs.

My journey has opened my eyes, and I feel like it’s all been building up to Bae Bosses, a resource for women to connect and get help in starting and growing their business.

We want to empower women to be strong and outspoken as bosses, and we want to share our experiences through our podcast segment on MAD 360.
We hope that through sharing our experiences we will be able to help new generations of BAE Bosses become independent, successful, and happy!

22 Dec

Bae Bosses | Kate Introduction

I don’t know if I can pinpoint the moment as a child I realized there was more, but even at 7 or 8 years old you could find me writing my plans for the future and the steps I’d need to get there.

I’ve always had a big picture type perspective of the world which drove my ambitious and fulfilling college career and pulled me through the leap of faith when I broke away from an unfulfilling 9-5.

Fast forward through countless learning experiences, I’m in a place where I feel fulfilled, being able to bring real value to great people (a goal that became apparent when I chose to pursue my Psychology & Criminology degrees). I am in a place where I get to be challenged, constantly using my mind and creativity to be a problem solver, and I get to meet new people every day.

The main things I attribute my happiness to?

1) Attitude
The only failures I see in life is not learning from a mistake or a knockdown. Some lows are a result of our own actions while others are out of our control. If we waste the time and experience without getting something out of it, that’s when we fail.

Attitude has allowed me to be a quick learner, and get to this spot faster than many of my peers. It’s allowed me to be okay with working on myself, and keep my eyes open to opportunity and push through fear to take empowering risks.

2) My network.
You are the people you surround yourself with. Create relationships with people that are smarter than you. It’s not an insult, it’s a reality. The moments I can realize I don’t know it all, the better off I am and the more I can learn. Surround yourself with diversity, and people you may not normally find yourself around. My team has become my family. They may drive me crazy, but they drive me forward and upward, holding me accountable for my own growth.” Kate Donadio
Co-founder: Bae Bosses
Director of Social Media: Modern Consulting 360
Owner: Sunshine State of Living Real Estate

21 Dec

Bae Bosses – What are we doing and why :)

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